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A project equipped with a Podcast and a Record Label aiming to give form & direction to the dreams of every EDM producer and fan in India. PLAY LIFE Project will activate ambition, strengthen the pillars of passion, justify aspirations, give hope to belief and protect the dreams of the Electronyk Generation! PLAY LIFE Project is an attempt to brand a billboard of such proportions that the World has no choice but to sit up and take notice. India as a nation has achieved phenomenal success in almost all arenas of work and art, it is about time we pin-tag us on the EDM map as a prominent site. Many artists have dedicated their careers walking this path connecting us to the World beyond the imaginary walls of nations and genres created by man. Now it's our turn to take the baton and make the run to glorify the Indian EDM dream. This is the need of the hour and this is what we have craved, now is the time to brave the challenge. Join DJ NYK to be a part of the Play Life Project & journey with him.


Building upon the massive success of the Electronyk Podcast, here is the latest offering from the studios of DJ NYK. Play Life podcast is India's display to the World of EDM. Loaded with international beats, it arrives with an attempt to explore and educate. Play Life explores homegrown talent in the all-new Showcase segment to offer a Global platform highlighting the craft of the aspiring and established Indian EDM producers and re-mixers. And the GUEST MIX section features the best of Indian and International EDM artists sharing their latest sets! All of this with DJ NYK's musical contributions makes Play Life Podcast a complete package for anyone who likes to shuffle to Electronic Music!


As India moves at astronomical speeds towards growth and development in all aspects of technology, science and art, it has become imperative for the music industry to acquire front row seats on arrival. A career long dedication of many Indian pioneer DJs has already created a strong base, now it's upon us to make it come full circle. It is no longer the effort of one but it has become the need of a generation, The Electronyk Generation ! It requires for us to unite as a nation and focus on the sole purpose of taking India to the EDM World Stage. DJ NYK, extends the first hand out, in an effort to support this cause and offers you the Play Life Record Label. This comes with an intention to provide adequate support and stepping platform to both established and rising stars of the Indian EDM scene. With a strong credibility of World recognition DJ NYK brings forth a new horizon of exposure that can be slingshot in to fame only with the backing of fans and fellow artists on home ground. Play Life Records envisions introducing not just the best artists but India itself to the World of EDM. Join Now!

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