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Calm The World (Original Mix)

DJ NYK ft. Safir Anand & Sahil Khan

Track: Calm The World (Original Mix)

Artist: DJ NYK ft. Safir Anand & Sahil Khan

Genre: Chill

'Calm the World' is DJ NYK's collaboration with Safir Anand, a multi award winning Lawyer & recently named Asia's Most Innovative Legal Practitioner by Financial Times (London). The track is ideated & written by Safir Anand & musically produced by DJ NYK. A teaser of it was released on world environment day and was shared with brand owners & top CEO's across the world via Safir's massive Corporate Brand Client Network. Many of them wrote back appreciating the thought to the solace of calmness to a feel good factor. Many brand owners circulated the song in house as it made them feel good and positive in a lost and uncertain moment. The song is now being released worldwide via DJ NYK's 'Play Life' Record Label.

DJ NYK - Calm the World (ARTWORK) withou
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