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STICH aka Harihar Thakral, always was into music since a young age. He started learning tabla when was 6 and continued for the next nine years and won numerous competitions and certificates. He finally found his calling in EDM when he was 14 and saw HARDWELL perform in MUMBAI. So mesmerized and curious, his passion and inspiration reached a new level when he decided to focus his attention and time to EDM by learning how to produce new sounds and make something different and unique of his own.


He performed for the first time in front of a minimal crowd when he was 15  was and took part in a local DJ’ing competition in Nagpur, where he was the second runner up.

Driven by the need to make something unique and contribute something in the World of music that’s his own, STICH shared a raw chord progression idea with his mentor   TANISHQ which later on led to a collaboration with his teacher itself. Ft. NATHAN BRUMLEY named “ SUNSET” which was released under PLAYLIFE RECORDS and was streamed on VH1 and loved all around when he was just 16. 


He dabbles into a lot of different genres but wants to be accomplished and known for dark music suited to his name which manages between Yin and Yang and the extremes of within and the darkness that resides with light. 


Filled with raw passion and hardwork this little firework has performed alongside, Tanishq, Greff, Bass Hunk and Progressive Brothers.

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